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Crystal Jamison

She knows her stuff and helped guide my friends and family in my labor process. She's very nice and thoughtful. I was happy to have her.

Shannon Connor

Pamela is forever in our hearts and apart of our family. Present for the most pivotal day of our lives, she played a key role on the journey as our daughter came earthside.

She instintively knew the appropriate massage/touch techniques to put my mind at ease, thereby allowing my body to do the work it already knew how to do. She was also extremely helpful in suggesting different laboring positions to make baby move and allow for an easier entry into the world. More than anything, her gentle yet reassuring presence served as a guide during the hardest experience of my life. Her words of encouragement are what kept me going during my moments of doubt. When I wanted to give up from sheer exhaustion, I remember her saying, "You can do this... Tell that baby to come out.." And shortly after, my daughter was born.

Because of my wonderful birth experience I feel transformed and empowered as a woman, making the transition into motherhood much smoother and more peaceful. Words could never describe how grateful we are that Pamela was there during the birth, as well as during pregnancy and postpartum.  She understands that birth is sacred and honors the incredible changes, challenges and joys that comes with this special time in life.

So much love in our hearts...

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Sara Rooney

At the point I decided I wanted to have a doula by my side during birth, I had so worn down my husband that he was pretty much saying yes to everything. ("You want frozen yogurt... now?"  "You need to use the bathroom here?  This very instant?"  "You want to give birth where?") Afterwards, though, he willingly and readily admitted how wonderful it was to have Pam with us.

We chose Pam because we had already gotten to know her through the birth classes that she taught at the Women's Health and Birth Center in Santa Rosa. The way she conducted the classes showed us that she was knowledgeable, kind, attentative, approachable and spiritually attuned to all things pregnancy-related. I felt I could immediately trust her with my thoughts, questions and fears - and she proved worthy of that trust.

Pam made herself available to me at all times throughout my pregnancy and through labor. We obviously saw each other at her classes, but we also met a few times outside of class to talk. We had her home and cell numbers if we needed to reach her with a question. When early labor started, I let her know; and when I decided I needed her at 5 in the morning, she was there! More amazingly she was by my side from that morning til my daughter was born *the following day* - nearly 23 hours of work!

Her presence was just what I needed: a calm, quiet strength with an intuitivness into what I needed at whatever point I was in the process. My husband took his cues from her and was able to be the strong support that I needed (and that I know he so wanted to be).

When I look back on the road that I walked, from the beginning of labor to the birth of my daughter - how long it was - its highs and its lows - I know I have Pam to thank for walking it with me. I do not think I would have been able to follow through on my goals for a natural birth without her encouragement. My heartfelt thanks will be with and for Pam always!

Katy Casad

I could not have asked for a more wonderful doula than Pamela. As soon as I met her I felt confident in her abilities and knew that I was going to be in good hands. She gave me a sense of calm and trust in myself, and the birth process. She is thoughtfull, a great listener, and very skilled at her job. With Pamela as my doula, I was able to have the vbac I had hoped for. I believe she was an essential part to that being a success. After the birth, she continued to provide caring support to myself and my son. I am so grateful to have had her with me during this journey. I would encourage anyone searching for a doula to work with Pamela. If I ever become pregnant again, I know I will be calling her!

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