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Education is a journey toward self discovery.  


Expectant Mothers may be wondering:  What do I need to know to feel confident as a birthing woman?  How will my partner support me?  How does our culture affect my perceptions of birth? How will my partner and I work together? Where will I find my village of support?  What is important for me as a mother?


Partners may be wondering:  What practical and emotional support can I provide? How will I parent and create support for myself? What essential information is necessary to support a laboring woman?


As a mentor, I am hoping to provide a relaxed and fun space for active discussion, practical information and plenty of pain coping practices.


To register for classes, contact me directly on my contact page or by calling 707-824-1231.

Childbirth Classes

        Group and Private


  • Learn how your instinctual body guides you through the birth of your baby.   

  • Discover how your partner/team can support you as you navigate the unique twists and turns of the laborinth of birth. 

  • Explore the modern knowledge of physiology and medical support and discover pain coping practices that can help you to be more present during labor. 

  • Nurture your own knowing of who you are as a blossoming mother and prepare for your labor journey! 



Breastfeeding Classes



​These and many more questions answered in this two hour class:


How to support initial and continued breastfeeding


  • What positions can be used?

  • How to establish a good latch

  • What to do if you have problems

  • How is breast milk made

  • Dispelling myths 

  • How can partners and family members support breastfeeding

  • Pumping and storage of  breastmilk

  • How often does a baby need to nurse?

  • How do I know baby is getting enough?



Infant Care



Now that you have the baby, what do you do?  This classes addresses some of the basics of infant care:


  • Baby wearing

  • Sleep

  • The Layette

  • When to call your care provider

  • Newborn appearance and procedures

  • Developing a parental support plan​

  • Soothing a crying baby

  • How to recognize a baby's cues

  • Bathing

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