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About Me

I have always known I wanted to be present and helpful during birth.  I also knew I was not interested in serving in the role of medical support.  It is my desire to support a woman and her partner as they search for the necessary tools to obtain a well supported birth and postpartum period.  I understand that birth is the interplay of many factors and I want to support a woman in her journey of discovering what those are.  


Birth intrigues me…it is a mysterious, powerful entrance of a brand new being into our world.  It is the beginning of nurturing the growth of brand new life..  The birth of our daughter lives indelibly in my memory.  What I didn't know was that this powerful event would prompt me to nurture my own life passions.  It created big changes in my life, not only as a parent, but moved me to pursue childbirth education and doula work.  I have taught Bradley and Birthing From Within childbirth classes and I have been trained in Lamaze.  I  currently teach a childbirth, class at the Santa Rosa Birth Center and have had the honor of attending births in the SF Bay area for 17 years.  


I look forward to hearing from you and how I can be of service to you and your family.



My Philosophy

Birth is one of the most transformative experiences you and your partner will experience in your lifetime.  Moving through the transition from pregnancy to parenthood requires stamina, strength and plenty of support.  I want to stand by you and her partner as you make this passage.  I want to provide relief to your primary support person and if needed suggest alternative positions and comfort measures while you concentrate on moving through each contraction.  I want to support you as you develop instinctual knowledge of your ability to give birth, modern knowledge of the physical mechanics of birth as well as  the medical technology available and self knowledge of your inner feeling landscape that will color your reaction to the intensity of labor, birth and caring for your new infant.  I want to support this journey knowing your wishes and what you need to powerfully move through the birth and care of your precious child . 







My Education



  • Lamaze - Passion for Birth 

  • Birthing From Within  (Mentor/Doula) 

  • Bradley 

  • Rebozo for Birth with Gena Kirby 

  • Waldorf Kindergarten

  • Spinning Babies 

  • Infant Care - JoAnna's Nannies




  • California Adult Education Teaching Credential 

  • K-8 Teaching Credential 

  • Bachelors Degree - San Francisco State University

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