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                               having an experienced mentor who nurtures you and your wishes for your baby's birth; available for prenatal preparation, support during the birth and care of mother and baby after.  Being present during each contraction, she can help to ease and guide you through your birth journey.  She can assist you and your partner as you advocate for the birth you want. She is there to offer support to your partner and/or family and relieve them as needed. She can provide assistance with creating a successful breastfeeding/feeding relationship as well as nurturning care for mother and baby.  Having traveled this journey herself, and guided many others along this path, she is an expert at promoting natural coping techniques during the birth process.


My name is Pamela and I am a doula.  I provide comprehensive labor, birth and postpartum support to mothers and their families. As a birth doula, I have the unique role of tending to your physical and emotional needs during labor and birth.  During your 4th trimester, I endeavor to give you respite care for your newborn and time to delve deep into becoming a mother .    My goal is for you to enter into motherhood feeling empowered by your birth experience and feeling supported and nurtured as you navigate caring for yourself, your newborn and your family.  


Gathering information, self knowledge  and support for this transition is an integral part of preparation.  I offer childbirth classes to help with this valuable aspect of preparing for the birth and care of your precious child.  


Blessings on your passage,




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